Cryptpad the online private Office tools

Bye bye google docs, Welcome privacy !

I'll show you in this article an alternative to google docs : cryptpad.

In your entreprise you don't wan't your employee to share your documentation with someone external.
But many of them will use google docs if you don't deploy an alternative solution.
So google have access to all your informations.

Here come cryptpad ! it has word processing, sheets, code, kanban, presentation, whiteboard and even a drive !

The best of all, it is open source, actively maintained, and ... have client end encryption, more documentation here !

It's easily deployed in containers or in standard installation with node.
It's not providing anonymity but it's got a lot of qualities.

I'm using it since more than 1 year it's tested and approuved.
Here is my cryptpad instance

2020-06-17 19:20:07


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