The Best Linux Distributions For Workstation's

Well why you should stick with it :
- to install it quickly
- to get frequent system and packets update
- for a stable environment
- to get used to the most used ;-)

Some say you could work with others distribution.
It's up to you.

1) Fedora
Based on red hat, it is very stable, well documented, easy to install. It has SELINUX very good for security.

2)Open Suse
Is a distribution oriented on developers, sysadmins,
But easy to use and easy to install. SELINUX too.

3) Ubuntu
Is for the beginner, oriented to people who need a lot of graphical apps. Stable too and easy to install.

4) Arch Linux
Why Arch for Workstation's?
Well it's not for beginners.
Once you know what you do, no problems a great distribution, very well documented.
For Workstation's you should go for linux-lts kernel.
Use lvm and make snapshots.

Debian is stable but some packets updates are slow to come. It's a great distribution though it's great for servers


2019-05-04 21:54:13


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