Strong Password Policy

What are weak password ?
that's a weak password :
-> Upper case at the beginning
-> Short
-> Number at the end
-> Some tools like Hydra or haschcat can crack this in a second with rainbow table

Good password are random char
advantages :
-> Hard to online crack
-> Long
-> No upper case at the beginning
-> No number at the end
-> Require a lot of computer power to crack
-> Need to brute force it wont work with dictionary attacks

that's good but not perfect :
-> Hard to remember
-> Hard to type
-> Not really future proof

Perfect Password are :
Why :
-> It's long
-> No upper case at the beginning
-> Special chars
-> No Number at the end
-> Easy to type
-> Easy to remember
-> Plus if you can write in an another language than English it's harder to crack
-> Future proof
-> Hard to offline and online crack

!! Remember Activate 2FA when it's possible !!


2019-04-16 21:52:32


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