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Sometimes you will have problems with lid open close on laptop

Edit /etc/systemd/logind.conf and make sure you have,

You can change ignore by suspend, poweroff
which will make it ignore the lid being closed. (You may need to also undo the other changes you've made).

Then, you'll want to reload logind.conf to make your changes go into effect (thanks to Ehtesh Choudhury for pointing this out in the comments):

systemctl restart systemd-logind
Full details over at the archlinux Wiki.

The man page for logind.conf also has the relevant information,


Controls whether logind shall handle the system power and sleep
keys and the lid switch to trigger actions such as system power-off
or suspend. Can be one of ignore, poweroff, reboot, halt, kexec,
suspend, hibernate, hybrid-sleep and lock. If ignore logind will
never handle these keys. If lock all running sessions will be
screen locked. Otherwise the specified action will be taken in the
respective event. Only input devices with the power-switch udev tag
will be watched for key/lid switch events. HandlePowerKey=
defaults to poweroff. HandleSuspendKey= and HandleLidSwitch=
default to suspend. HandleHibernateKey= defaults to hibernate.


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