Terminal Emulator Keyboard Shortcuts

Split Terminal Horizontally – Ctrl+Shift+0
Split Terminal Vertically – Ctrl+Shift+E
Move Parent Dragbar Right – Ctrl+Shift+Right_Arrow_key
Move Parent Dragbar Left – Ctrl+Shift+Left_Arrow_key
Move Parent Dragbar Up – Ctrl+Shift+Up_Arrow_key
Move Parent Dragbar Down – Ctrl+Shift+Down_Arrow_key
Hide/Show Scrollbar – Ctrl+Shift+s
Search for a Keyword – Ctrl+Shift+f
Move to Next Terminal – Ctrl+Shift+N or Ctrl+Tab
Move to the Above Terminal – Alt+Up_Arrow_Key
Move to the Below Terminal – Alt+Down_Arrow_Key
Move to the Left Terminal – Alt+Left_Arrow_Key
Move to the Right Terminal – Alt+Right_Arrow_Key
Copy a text to clipboard – Ctrl+Shift+c
Paste a text from Clipboard – Ctrl+Shift+v
Close the Current Terminal – Ctrl+Shift+w
Quit the Terminator – Ctrl+Shift+q
Toggle Between Terminals – Ctrl+Shift+x
Open New Tab – Ctrl+Shift+t
Move to Next Tab – Ctrl+page_Down
Move to Previous Tab – Ctrl+Page_up
Increase Font size – Ctrl+(+)
Decrease Font Size – Ctrl+(­)
Reset Font Size to Original – Ctrl+0
Toggle Full Screen Mode – F11
Reset Terminal – Ctrl+Shift+R
Reset Terminal and Clear Window – Ctrl+Shift+G
Remove all the terminal grouping – Super+Shift+t
Group all Terminal into one – Super+g

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